250 hour
Vinyasa krama yoga
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20 March - 27 Oct

8 weekend modules


Yoga Folks Studio
Åsögatan 166



45 000 kr
Unlimited membership included from day of sign-up
Payment can be done in instalments throughout the training
This training is curated for anyone ready to learn more about the fantastic practice of yoga!
We believe that good things take time, and therefor we have our training during the course of 7 months, so that there is space and time to integrate the learnings, try on different practices (we include restorative yoga, yoga nidra on top of the vinyasa krama program) and to help you start or continue your meditation and breathing practices. When yoga can become a part of your life it's a life long friend.

At all times during this training you will be guided by qualified teachers and assistants, ensuring that you feel supported throughout. Our assistants are previous trainees, so they know for sure how it feels to be in this training and help your ride the waves :)

We truly thrive to teach you these tools, and you do not have to have an urge to become a yoga teacher to take it. Come with an eagerness to fill up your cup on all things yoga - philosophy, poses, body awareness, breathing techniques, how to use your voice in the best way, understand the nervous system and its responses, anatomy, different practices of meditation, learn about the subtle body & rest, meet new people and get a belonging.
At the end of the training you will receive a certificate stating that you've finished 250 hrs of training, this allows you to go out and teach safe and professional classes at any yoga studio or school in the world - if you choose to do so.

Read more about the content, find the dates and modules and get to know the teachers below!
I can't wait to welcome you to this training.

With love,
Josephin Jansson
Head teacher

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Tap, click, or high-five each topic to find out more about what we will be exploring throughout the training.




Getting a frame work on how to put the pieces together is like playing the puzzle, once the colors are organized and you’ve got the outline you just need to see the picture! There is a format called Building the Arc that we will work from, giving you as a teacher a blueprint on how to plan timings and content



The study of anatomy deals with the study of basic structures of the body. In this training we’ll explore the major movements, bones, joints and muscles in the body; the structure, composition and function of the spine; and alignment that could put the body at risk, all in all in order to facilitate a healthy practice and understand anatomy in the context of yoga.



We are born on an inhale, and we die on an exhale - all the way inbetween we are breathing. The great thing about it is that it happens naturally, and the even greater thing is that when we learn how to control it we get more in touch with it - and at the same time - more in touch with life itself.

Ethics & History

Ethics & History

As a yoga teacher it is valuable if not necessary to reflect upon one’s ethics and approach to what yoga is and ought to be. Ethics (ethicos) meaning moral character or (ethos) make one self a foundation, accustomed place.

Reflecting especially upon one's ethos leads one to ask: Who am I as a teacher? Who do I want to be as a teacher? In order to live with these questions it seems to be necessary to dive deeper into the history of yoga. For example, why is it that yoga postures have come to dominate yoga today, when it is relatively absent throughout the history of yoga?



Your voice is your power. Voice Activation help you explore your unique vocal expression to help you sing up, speak out, and communicate clearly and authentically.The voice work is designed to create a safe container where tools for personal growth is presented including voice, music, breath, movement and tools for emotional release and empowerment.

Hands on assist

Hands on assist

There is a sacred art called Hands on assist, where you will learn how you can support a student with more than just your words. We have a toolbox with techniques we’d love to share with you, a methodology to fit every situation and make you feel comfy as you move around the room.



We believe in peer support, having a close relationship with someone who’s been exactly where you are, someone you can ask for support, inspiration and is there to give you loads of encouragement. Our mentor and assistant is Teacher Training Graduates, there to hold your hand and tap your shoulder throughout the training.
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20 - 24 March


Get familiar with the grooves of training! Meet the faculty, support team, fellow students and get comfortable in your new home- mi casa su casa!
You will be handed the first building blocks of yoga - philosophy, asana analysis, anatomy, meditation and oh so much more!

Module 1
20-24 March
Wed - Fri 07.00 - 17.00
Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00

Structure & Foundations

As we continue on the path of understading the poses, we broaden our perspective with philosophical texts as well as getting real juicy with the muscles of our body - yeah, nitty gritty anatomical functions of the glorious body. Also starting to ask the question Who Am I? 'Cause, really, have we ever asked it genuinely, and really really, can we ever find an answer?

Module 2
20-21 April

Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00

20 - 21 April
10 - 12 May

Voice it

The voice is a great tool, no matter if you're a yoga teacher
or not - and the more we can control it
the greater power we have!

Introducing chakras and breathing techniques, the respiratory system and mudras. Also, what do we say? How do we say it? Darling, we got a plan for all that to feel smooth and fun.

Module 3
10-12 May
Fri 16.00 - 20.00
Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00


A weekend dedicated to the big, important REST. We'll go through techniques for restorative classes, get wrapped up in the nervous system and it's functions. Bringing in the philosophy through koshas, meditation tools and stories. Oh boy, this is a dreamy module. Pyjamas on!

Module 4
7-9 June
Fri 16.00 - 20.00
Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00

7 - 9 June
3 - 7 JuLY

Residential get away

Up up and away! Pack you bags and let's get a move on! We'll spend the module outside of Sthlms hustle and bustle, far from business and cars to dive into the woods and the silence of Småland.
We'll focus loads on the work we can do with our hands - ASSISTING! And then cosy evenings with stories of Gods & Goddesses, yummy veggie food, cosy beds, our own lake and maybe landing in the sauna? We'll leave Wednesday morning, return Sunday afternoon.
Cost is excluded from the training price, and set at 4600 kr and includes all meals and bed.

Module 5
3-7 July
Full days

Art of the arch

With all the knowledge you've acquired so far, how are you supposed
to put it all together so that you can share it with others? Sequencing is
like making a soup, you have the ingredients but you need the
measurements, timings and toppings to make it tasty.
Bring out the apron, let's go!

Module 6
17-18 Aug
Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00

17 - 18 Aug
20 - 22 Sep

Tying the strings

Wow, we made it all the way to the fall - a last weekend together before the grand finale - here we will look at the history of modern yoga and get an introduction to the art of Ayurveda. Finish up the last asanas we haven't looked at yet, and learn about how to adapt your class for pre/post natal students.

Module 7
20-22 Sep
Fri 16.00 - 20.00
Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00


A weekend to look back at all the things we've learned and how they've fallen into place, adding the last bits of fun as we can see
the goal in the horizon. Graduation ceremony will be the final gathering
as we look back on all the grand adventures we've gone through, celebrating the efforts, the insights, YOU as a teacher!

Module 8
23 - 27 Oct

Wed - Fri 07.00 - 17.00
Sat - Sun 08.00 - 18.00

13-14 Aug
23 - 27 Oct


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Josephin Westerlund is one of the founders of Yoga Folks and has been teaching classes, workshops and facilitating trainings for the past few years in Stockholm and London.
With a dedication of giving her students the best experience possibly she teaches with a large dose of knowledge and humour.

Josephin has over 1500 hours of training (Vinyasa Krama, Bhakti Yoga, Restorative yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, PT, Hands on assist, Sequencing, Yin yoga, Womans therapy and Yoga Nidra) and 12 years of facilitating/teaching.

Ida Farneman is a physiotherapist, certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher. Making students feel safe, seen and empowered on the mat is truly her cup of tea.

With her broad knowledge on the physical body and it's possibilities, the nervous system and deep insight to respiration - Ida will give you the meaty body knowledge of anatomy and the subtle awareness of breath, rest and recovery.

Kim Gajraj is a voice therapist with a background of holding space for individuals and groups in workshop and training sessions.
She has spent much of her life traveling the world, often working with indigenous groups and learning their music and their wisdom.

Her curiosity has taken her through many different adventures in many different places, but has also sent her on deep inner journeys of self-exploration and growth. Kim will introduce you to a a voice journey to familiarise yourself with your voice, as well as give you the tools to use its full potential.

Isabell is one of the owners of Yoga Folks, a financial creatrix and yoga teacher.
Her way of holding space is genuine and welcoming, with roots in Ashtanga she is now expanding more of her teachings into creative flows, subtle body and the practices of Ayurveda.
Isabell has trained in Vinyasa Krama, Foundations of Ayurveda, Foundations of Ashtanga and Yoga & Mindfulness, always a students first and has been assisting trainings to really learn how to facilitate them.

Satyadev was brought up in Kolkata, India, in an environment clouded with devotion and tradition. Nowadays he lives in Denmark with wife and children, and has been the main philosopy teacher of many teachers at Yoga Folks.

Satyadev is a musician and an artist, carries a huge understanding and love towards Vedic and yogic rituals, and the power of ancient mantra. He will bring in the self inquiry part of the training, mixed with singing and storytelling.

Filippa is one of your teachers here at Yoga Folks and it’s actually right here where her yoga journey began. After practicing for a while she decided to join the first training, and boy are we happy about that! Now she works as a yoga teacher in studios and with businesses, and together with a friend she has a community for women where they facilitate space through yoga, meditation, reflection, dancing and singing.

Filippa will be one of our mentors and assist during the training, where she will be participating the whole training and be a support for you all.

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