200 hour teacher training

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9/2 - 5/6


Åsögatan 166,


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There is a vast sea of philosophy, sacred knowledge and scriptures, tales and myths that we will dive right into starting from the first weekend together.
To take yoga off the mat, introducing philosophy and how you can use these ideas in daily life is a huge step for many, here reflection is key!



The study of anatomy deals with the study of basic structures of the body. In this training we’ll explore the major movements, bones, joints and muscles in the body; the structure, composition and function of the spine; and alignment that could put the body at risk, all in all in order to facilitate a healthy practice and understand anatomy in the context of yoga.



We are born on an inhale, and we die on an exhale - all the way inbetween we are breathing. The great thing about it is that it happens naturally, and the even greater thing is that when we learn how to control it we get more in touch with it - and at the same time - more in touch with life itself.

Ethics & History

Ethics & History

As a yoga teacher it is valuable if not necessary to reflect upon one’s ethics and approach to what yoga is and ought to be. Ethics (ethicos) meaning moral character or (ethos) make one self a foundation, accustomed place.

Reflecting especially upon one's ethos leads one to ask: Who am I as a teacher? Who do I want to be as a teacher? In order to live with these questions it seems to be necessary to dive deeper into the history of yoga. For example, why is it that yoga postures have come to dominate yoga today, when it is relatively absent throughout the history of yoga?



Your voice is your power. Voice Activation help you explore your unique vocal expression to help you sing up, speak out, and communicate clearly and authentically.The voice work is designed to create a safe container where tools for personal growth is presented including voice, music, breath, movement and tools for emotional release and empowerment.

Hands on assist

Hands on assist

There is a sacred art called Hands on assist, where you will learn how you can support a student with more than just your words. We have a toolbox with techniques we’d love to share with you, a methodology to fit every situation and make you feel comfy as you move around the room.



We believe in peer support, having a close relationship with someone who’s been exactly where you are, someone you can ask for support, inspiration and is there to give you loads of encouragement. Our mentor and assistant is Teacher Training Graduates, there to hold your hand and tap your shoulder throughout the training.
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Feb 9-13


Get familiar with the grooves of training! Meet the faculty,
support team, fellow students and get comfortable in your
new home- mi casa su casa!
You will be handed the first building blocks of yoga -
philosophy, asana analysis, anatomy, meditation and
oh so much more!

Voice it

The voice is a great tool, no matter if you're a yoga teacher
or a normal human being - and the more we can control it
the greater power we have!
Introducing chakras and breathing techniques, and the wonders
of our nervous system.

Mar 11-13
Apr 8-10

Body talk

We've got feet and arms and a spine, but how is it all connected
and how can we keep them strong, safe and flexible through the
poses of yoga? Your body is a wonderland, let's explore it!


The grand art of hands on assist is the theme of the weekend!
Get in touch (hehe) with your hands and feet as you add yet
another layer to your skills as a teacher.

May 5-8
June 1-4

Art of the arch

With all the knowledge you've acquired so far, how are you supposed
to put it all together so that you can share it with others? Sequencing is
like making a soup, you have the ingredients but you need the
measurements, timings and toppings to make it tasty.
Bring out the apron, let's go!


A day to tie up the strings, adding the last bits of fun as we can see
the goal in the horizon. Graduation ceremony will be the final gathering
as we look back on all the grand adventures we've gone through, celebrating
the efforts, the insights, YOU as a teacher!



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Fredrik Edlund has a bachelor in practical philosophy at Uppsala University and is currently doing his masters in the theory of practical knowledge at Södertörns Högskola. Fredriks studies and focus is on phenomenology trying to understand the role of a yoga teacher in the modern age.

His approach to yoga is to seek out the relation between extasis and catharsis. How can we expand our minds by repetitive and intense practice?

Josephin Jansson is one of the founders of Yoga Folks and has been teaching classes, workshops and facilitating trainings for the past few years in Stockholm.

She has over 1500 hours of training and facilitating/teaching. A constant dedication of bringing it back to the root, to the foundations of the practice, meeting each movement on the mat as a beginner.

Karin Åhgren is one of the co-founders of Yoga Folks and has been teaching classes and workshops in Stockholm for many years. Her passion for understanding the complexity of human movement led her to her studies of osteopathy and an urge to educate ways of moving consciously, playfully and wisely, with consideration to each unique body.

Karin sets out to assist students in how moments of both stillness and movement can be fun to explore whilst feeling supportive, thus creating ways of thriving in one’s body.

Sammy Furnival is a London based yoga teacher, mover, shaker and life enthusiast, teaching a regular weekly schedule of public, corporate and private classes throughout London.

As well as her regular schedule she also run various workshops throughout the year, teach at festivals, host yoga retreats both in the UK and abroad, teach, assist and mentor on yoga teacher trainings and have taught internationally in beautiful locations abroad, including Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria and India.

Kim Gajraj is a voice therapist with a background of holding space for individuals and groups, in workshop and training sessions. she has spent much of her life traveling the world, often working with indigenous groups and learning their music and their wisdom.

Her curiosity has taken her through many different adventures in many different places, but has also sent her on deep inner journeys of self-exploration and growth.

Michael James Wong is the founder of Just Breathe and a leading voice in the global movement for modern mindfulness. He is an author, speaker, community leader and meditation teacher who is dedicated to expanding the conversation around the mind and mental health.

Michael hosts events everywhere from Los Angeles and Dubai to Sweden and Australia. He has addressed the House of Lords and has lectured at universities across the UK and the USA on the importance of mindfulness in the modern world.

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